Project services process

Project services process

Deltamarin’s project services provide our clients with high-quality marine and offshore consultancy and solutions to meet their specific needs, right from the start.

Our projects start from the concept phase where the whole project’s technical parameters are defined, and the execution planned. We actively support our client in all phases of project execution to ensure a successful project delivery with a reliable schedule and reasonable cost level.

The project services cover all project phases from concept to operation. The project services are always tailored to fit the project requirements. They may include, for example, the following services: project execution planning, project cost estimations, master scheduling, architect design coordination, turnkey delivery management, project risk analysis and HSEQ procedure evaluations.

Concept definition

Concept definition is a major part of the project’s tendering phase. Here, fit-for-purpose solutions are defined, feasibility evaluated and the whole project execution planned.

We provide our client with construction requirement evaluation, preliminary schedules, project cost estimation and risk assessment, among other things. The best way to create trust and confidence both for the owner and the shipyard is to prepare a realistic project execution plan for the specific building site and vessel at the early stage of the project.

Management services

With our management services, we can set up a complete newbuilding project organisation and support our client from the very beginning to ensure a reliable and successful project delivery. The key to a successful project delivery is careful project planning and efficient decision-making. The selection and content of our Project Management Services is always tailored to meet the requirements of the project in question.


With Deltamarin’s engineering expertise in all disciplines, we innovate to provide the best possible solutions to meet the client’s needs, project budget, schedule and quality requirements.

Procurement handling

Procurement handling activities must be carefully planned and synchronised with engineering and construction schedules. Our procurement handling activities ensure project execution with first-class suppliers and materials.

Construction Support

During the construction and installation phases, the active participation of our site organisation ensures optimal project construction, regardless of the scale and complexity of the project. Our experts provide support directly to our client’s project and production management.

Our extensive partner network provides a wide selection of experienced multidisciplinary construction advisors and supervisors globally.


Commissioning and acceptance testing with customer/authority presence ensures product functionality and full customer satisfaction before delivery.

Operational Services

After project delivery, we may provide our client with warranty period support. In addition, a variety of life-cycle services can be supplied, from major conversions and life extension upgrades to energy, safety and environmental assessments on board the operating vessels.

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