EEXI services

EEXI services

Energy efficiency existing ship index (EEXI) was adopted by IMO in MEPC 76 and is applicable for all vessels above 400 GT falling under MARPOL Annex VI as of the first of January 2023. The purpose of EEXI is to assess the energy efficiency of existing ships. The calculation principles are similar to EEDI guidelines but with some adaptations due to potentially limited access to design data. Final details of the index will be decided in MEPC 77 November 2021. However, preliminary EEXI calculations are possible in order to evaluate the compliance of any ship.

Deltamarin can provide EEXI calculations for either an individual ship or complete fleet to understand the compliance into the regulations. Required source data includes the basic parameters of the vessel as well as the model test report of the ship. CFD can also be utilized to calculate the required ship speed for EEXI.

EEXI Calculation

If the attained EEXI complies with the requirement, a technical file will be prepared and later sent for class approval. If the vessel is not able to meet the requirement, Deltamarin will prepare cost-benefit analysis of the potential improvement that can be made on the vessel. Instead of only calculating what is needed for EEXI compliance, Deltamarin will also analyse the actual fuel saved and payback time for the made investment. Also, the CII of the ship can be estimated as a part of the cost-benefit analysis.

In case the client wishes to proceed to any of the upgrades, Deltamarin can provide related design, engineering, and project management services as required by the client.

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