Ro-ro vessels & PCTC carriers

Ro-ro vessels & PCTC carriers

Designing the world’s highest-capacity pure car truck carrier (PCTC) underlines the values that Deltamarin offers to the ro-ro industry.

Following a wide range of references for ro-ro vessels, from PCTC carriers to traditional ro-ro vessels, Deltamarin is the leading designer in the industry.

The technical challenges of a ro-ro vessel combine the optimisation of light weight with fuel efficiency and cargo capacity, not forgetting design safety and seaworthiness. Throughout its history, Deltamarin has specialised in designing vessels that meet the specific needs of the client, resulting in efficient and compact fit-for-purpose designs.

For conversions, Deltamarin offers a wide range of services from feasibility studies to complete engineering packages. These projects also often include overall project management.

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Ro-ro vessel by Deltamarin China, Visentini's "Rosa dei Venti"

Example of our Ro-Ro & PCTC references

‘Rosa dei Venti’ ro-ro vessel

The first project with design package including concept, basic and detail design mainly by Deltamarin China team. The first common project with AVIC Weihai shipyard based on Deltamarin China design.

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