Cargo ships

Cargo ships

Deltamarin is a leading innovator for all kinds of cargo ships. We have developed cargo ship designs for different owners as well as standard design products based on our experience and market needs.

Our design portfolio covers bulk carriers, container vessels, tankers, pure car truck carriers and general cargo vessels.

In addition to newbuild projects, we also execute various conversion projects for cargo vessels.

All our cargo ship designs are based on the following approaches;

  • Environmental thinking
  • Added value for the customer
  • Maximal cargo capacity combined with extreme efficiency
  • Ease of construction
  • Future proofing for asset lifetime

Hundreds of cargo ships designed by Deltamarin are sailing all over the world. For their locations, see the map showing B.Delta bulk carriers in operation.

Our long experience in the industry, a vast number of references and knowledge based on our own developments make Deltamarin a pioneer in providing design and engineering services globally.

Design development is executed using the latest and in-house-developed digital design tools, which creates a basis for a successful project and makes Deltamarin a trusted partner for newbuild and conversion projects.

Global class mega passenger cruise ship

Example of our cruise vessel references

Global Class Mega Passenger Cruise Ship

Deltamarin’s largest engineering contract for the Global class mega passenger cruise ships to be built at MV Werften in Germany. The ships designed specifically for the Asian market can carry up to 9,500 passengers.

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