Passenger ships

Passenger ships

A cruise vessel aims to offer passengers an adventure with new experiences and a superior comfort while a ferry vessel transports passengers and cargo, offering both comfort and efficient logistics. In both cases, the vessel design focuses on giving the passengers an enjoyable journey in a challenging environment with high standards of safety, efficiency and passenger comfort in order to secure high sustainability in demanding market environments.

From a regulatory perspective, passenger ships are complex vessels as the vessel is designed both for transport and accommodating passengers. Therefore, a wide range of rules and regulations apply to the passenger ship design, construction and operational phases. All our vessel designs are based on the following approaches:

  • Added value for the customer
  • Future-proof ship design – reducing global emissions
  • Environmental footprint and efficiency aspects
  • Safety
  • Efficient logistics

Deltamarin has a long history of designing passenger ships ranging from small road ferries to large cruise vessels. The ability to offer extensive services and know-how throughout a passenger ship design process ensures that the client has the best tools for making a successful project in both new-building and conversion projects. Each project is always tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client.

Global class mega passenger cruise ship

Example of our cruise vessel references

Global Class Mega Passenger Cruise Ship

Deltamarin’s largest engineering contract for the Global class mega passenger cruise ships to be built at MV Werften in Germany. The ships designed specifically for the Asian market can carry up to 9,500 passengers.

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