Project services

Project services

Deltamarin Project Services provide high-quality marine and offshore project management solutions for our clients.

Our experience from numerous shipyards and a broad understanding of ship-owners’ and offshore contractors’ requirements act as a solid base for our services. We provide our clients with the best practices for their newbuilding and conversion projects.
Our service model is flexible, from advisory tasks to the full-scale project management consulting scope of newbuilding or major conversion projects.

Through our strong expertise, we provide our clients with exactly the project management and construction solutions they need, thus helping them focus on their core business. Our extensive knowhow enables us to provide an excellent connection interface, bringing the players closer together.

With careful project planning for the newbuild, we enable smooth execution of the project. The target is to prepare reliable plans upon which to base decision-making, and to enable us to do the right things at the right time, from engineering to procurement and construction. The best way to create trust and confidence both for the owner and the shipyard is to prepare a realistic project execution plan for the specific building site and vessel in the early stages of the project. The project execution plan covers critical construction-specific issues such as the definition of project objectives and goals, project risk analysis, project cost-, capacity- and resource plans, project management organisation, master schedule, architect design coordination, turnkey delivery management and HSEQ procedures.

The selection and content of our project services is always tailored to meet the requirements of the project in question. The capabilities of the building yard and owner’s available resources are considered when customising the services to support a successful delivery.

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Viking Glory - credit Viking Line

Project management example

‘Viking Glory’

After delivering the concept design to Viking Line and assisting them during the tender and contract phases, Deltamarin delivers basic and detail design as well as comprehensive project management support and supervision services for the yard.

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