Together with the client, we design tanker solutions that best serve the transport needs, requirements and profile of the client. Due to different geographical routes and size classes, it is crucial to model the actual travel profiles as early as at the design stage.

Our designs take into account all different aspects, such as economy, efficiency, scalability and environmental impact. An optimised hull shape together with alternative energy and fuel options provide our clients with a competitive product that meets the challenges of the future, and significantly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused to the environment (see IMO’s statement). Our long experience in the industry and investments in digital expertise enable fast and efficient design to support customer decision-making.

Deltamarin assists the client in ensuring that the yard-tendering process is based on a specification that meets the client’s requirements. This allows an easy tender comparison, which in turn results in an optimised vessel design.

For conversions, Deltamarin offers a wide range of services from feasibility studies to complete engineering packages. These projects often include overall project management.

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Stolt Pride, stainless steel parcel chemical tanker based on Deltamarin's Ch.Delta38 design

Example of our tanker references

‘Stolt Pride’ chemical tanker

The energy-efficient and operationally flexible chemical tankers are based on Deltamarin’s Ch.Delta38 design. Deltamarin provided design services for the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard after developing the concept for Stolt Tankers.

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