‘Rosa dei Venti’ ro-ro vessel

‘Rosa dei Venti’ ro-ro vessel

Ro-ro vessel by Deltamarin China, Visentini's "Rosa dei Venti"
Customers: AVIC Weihai, China
Owner: Giovanni Visentini Trasporti Fluviomarittimi, Italy
Shipyard: AVIC Weihai

The first project with design package including concept, basic and detail design mainly by Deltamarin China team.
The first common project with AVIC Weihai shipyard based on Deltamarin China design.

 Main dimensions of the ro-ro vessel:

Lane meters about 2,500 m
LOA 181.70 m
Breadth 26.2 m
Draught, design 6.25 m
Draught, scantling 7.30 m
Speed 19 knots
DWT, design about 8,000 t
DWT, scantling about 12,000 t
Containers, cargo space 2 tiers
Containers, open deck 3 tiers
Complement 36 persons (including 12 drivers)


  • Concept development
  • Contract project
  • Engineering package including basic design, detail design, procurement support as well as extensive FEA studies performed by Deltamarin Finland
  • Technical support to the yard in challenging situations during production

Special Features

  • The vessel can load cassettes, containers, trailers and other general cargo on wheels.
  • The first ro-ro vessel built by AVIC Weihai shipyard.
Ship delivered in 2018.
Tang Le (Teresa) Deltamarin
Tang Le (Teresa)
General Manager, China
Mobile +86 135 0628 7285
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