Digital design portal

Digital design portal

We at Deltamarin have taken a leap into data-driven ship design, which goes hand in hand with the digitalisation of the maritime industry. As an example, we utilise the available data regarding ship operational patterns and surrounding environmental conditions to optimise the ship systems to these conditions. An instant result of the process is understanding the current and future levels of energy efficiency in the fleet. The same process also leads to accurate evaluation of a ship’s environmental performance after building and in the more distant future. When we add to this our knowledge of the ship’s total costs during her life cycle, we can design one that is future-proof but still economical to build and operate.

We are offering a sneak peek at our digital design philosophy by publishing below an example of our new Aframax-sized tanker design. This is how we think the ship and her performance should be presented, not by fixed data sheets but in various probable operating situations. For simplicity, the public version of our digital design portal includes a “standard route” view, where the user can choose between a few pre-set routes in various operating areas and the proper fuel, in order to review the performance figures. As part of the portal the Gasum market report will be updated every Tuesday.

A customised “my route” view can have much more variation in available technologies and client-specific operating scenarios. For instance, in our projects we have recently evaluated various machinery solutions, electrical network alternatives with batteries and energy-saving technologies such as wind-assisted propulsion and waste-heat recovery. These technologies and any fuel alternatives are always agreed separately with the client as a part of the design process.

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Read also about our views on future-proofing and digitalisation in our blog and check out our whiteboard animation video made together with Wärtsilä and Gasum.

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