Discover Deltamarin’s latest ideas for future passenger ship

Discover Deltamarin’s latest ideas for future passenger ship

Are you thinking what kind of a future passenger vessel would serve your needs best?

Deltamarin has launched a new ro-pax of the future design, DeltaChallenger, which is developed to open the discussion and show possibilities around real technologies which can be applied on coming ro-pax and cruise vessel projects. This energy efficient and environmentally friendly showcase product incorporates in an unforeseen way the latest technologies and clean tech features available, many of which are not yet used on any other ro-pax vessel. Read more here.

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The DeltaChallenger design is based on Deltamarin’s extensive experience on developing ship concepts. DeltaChallenger might not be exactly what you are looking for, but we are constantly looking for new ideas and technologies to enable us to help create the future of our customers. Just as recently as in 2014 we looked at what the standards for the cargo and passenger ships of the future would be. We created concepts of vessels utilising renewable energies and energy saving technologies, which led to marked reductions in fuel consumption and emissions. New loading ideas and surprising arrangements along with never before seen passenger vessel concepts show that shipping still has a plenty of development possibilities.

Please let us know of your plans, we would love to assist you in either researching which of the future technologies would be feasible, or by creating the Outline of your vessel for the future. We would be happy to quote to you based on your request, let us know what you are thinking of!