Is your fleet ready for Ballast Water Management?

Is your fleet ready for Ballast Water Management?

With our 25-year experience in the marine and offshore industry, Deltamarin offers assistance for ship owners in solving the challenges of ballast water management. Since the IMO Assembly Resolution was first adopted in 2004, we have been working closely with ship owners, suppliers and many shipyards to meet its recommendations.
The first deadline to observe is September 8, 2017 when all ships in international trade are required to carry on board an approved BWM plan and certificate of compliance. As a first step, we can help you prepare the plans for your fleet.

Deltamarin can assist you in selecting the correct ballast water handling strategy with an objective view and keeping in mind the operational aspects. Based on our vast knowledge of the different ballast water purification methods on the market, we can also help you select the most cost-effective solution. Deltamarin supports you during the whole chain of your retrofit project, starting from a feasibility study and concluding with the commissioning of the BWTS equipment.

Deltamarin Ballast Water Management services

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