Åland Maritime Day 2022

Åland Maritime Day 2022

Åland Maritime Day 2022

12th May, 2022

Mariehamn, Finland

You are welcome to meet Deltamarin’s representatives at Åland Maritime Day 2022 in Mariehamn, Åland!

In case you want to book a meeting with us, you can find our participants and their contact information below:

Mia Elg Deltamarin
Mia Elg
R&D & Consulting Services
Mobile +358 50 3788 333
Johan Hellman Deltamarin
Johan Hellman
Sales, passenger ships
Tel. +358 9 4788 4458
Mobile +358 40 7014 237

For more information about Åland Maritime Day 2022, visit the event’s website.

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