Looking for ideas for your future ro-ro fleet?

Looking for ideas for your future ro-ro fleet?

Deltamarin can assist you in developing new forward-looking ro-ro concepts for your specific needs. Starting from the feasibility check of your first idea, we can help you by taking care of the entire engineering and construction management. In addition, our expertise covers operational support and conversions.

Trendsetting conceptsDeltamarin

During our 25-year history Deltamarin has gained experience from hundreds of ro-ro and car carrier concepts. Our optimised and tailor-made concepts help you meet your targets cost-effectively. We always take into account the latest proven technologies and all current and upcoming regulations, especially EEDI. We can assist you in the project development, and support you in the decision making process as an impartial partner.

Höegh PCTCReference: Höegh 8500 CEU PCTCs

The concept of the world’s highest capacity Pure Car Truck Carriers was developed by Deltamarin together with the owner Höegh Autoliners. Special emphasis in the concept was put on efficiency, safety and environmental issues. Deltamarin also provided basic design services for the Xiamen Shipyard to build the vessels.

Operational improvementsarchipelago

For your existing fleet Deltamarin offers a wide range of services to help you maintain your fleet in excellent condition, or even upgrade it to the next level. Read e.g. about our Energy Efficiency Courses and Audits.