‘Bella Desgagnés’

‘Bella Desgagnés’

Passenger / Vehicle / Container Vessel

Bella Desgagnes - Passenger / Vehicle / Container Ferry
Customers: Transport Desgagnés Inc.; Shipyard Kraljevica
Owner: Transport Desgagnés Inc.
Shipyard: Shipyard Kraljevica

Main dimensions:

Passengers 381
Containers 125 TEU
LOA 95.1 m
Breadth 19.35 m
Draught, design 4.42 m
Speed, service 15.0 knots
Passenger cabins 63
Ice class 1A

Commission for the Owner:

  • Outline project material, including determination of main dimensions and capacities, hull form development, General Arrangement*, requirements for propulsion power, weight and stability, structural dimensioning.
    (* In cooperation with Navtech)
  • Contract design material, including Specification, General Arrangement, structure, stability, electric balance.
  • Model test coordination, including tendering and commissioning of propulsion model tests for speed, power, manoeuvring and ice going capabilities and CFD hull optimization.

Commission for the Yard:

  • Basic Design including total package for classification in all disciplines, procurement assistance.
  • Detail Engineering including procurement preparation and evaluation, structural design of complete vessel, machinery design and routing all in 3D, production material.

Customer Benefits:

  • High capacity with limited draught and length.
  • “Tailor made” ferry design for the specific route, operation and local requirements.

Other Benefits:

  • Optimised hull form with limited main dimensions for speed, manoeuvrability and course stability in shallow water conditions and ice.

Special Features:

  • Continuation with Basic and Detail Design packages for the Shipyard will ensure seamless design continuation and faster delivery time.
Ship delivered in 2013.
Vesa Hamarila
Senior Advisor
Tel. +358 9 4788 4445
Mobile +358 40 5927 463
Johan Hellman Deltamarin
Johan Hellman
Sales, passenger ships
Tel. +358 9 4788 4458
Mobile +358 40 7014 237
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