‘Bella Desgagnés’

‘Bella Desgagnés’

Passenger / Vehicle / Container Vessel

Bella Desgagnes - Passenger / Vehicle / Container Ferry
Customers: Transport Desgagnés Inc.; Shipyard Kraljevica
Owner: Transport Desgagnés Inc.
Shipyard: Shipyard Kraljevica

Main dimensions:

Passengers 381
Containers 125 TEU
LOA 95.1 m
Breadth 19.35 m
Draught, design 4.42 m
Speed, service 15.0 knots
Passenger cabins 63
Ice class 1A

Commission for the Owner:

  • Outline project material, including determination of main dimensions and capacities, hull form development, General Arrangement*, requirements for propulsion power, weight and stability, structural dimensioning.
    (* In cooperation with Navtech)
  • Contract design material, including Specification, General Arrangement, structure, stability, electric balance.
  • Model test coordination, including tendering and commissioning of propulsion model tests for speed, power, manoeuvring and ice going capabilities and CFD hull optimization.

Commission for the Yard:

  • Basic Design including total package for classification in all disciplines, procurement assistance.
  • Detail Engineering including procurement preparation and evaluation, structural design of complete vessel, machinery design and routing all in 3D, production material.

Customer Benefits:

  • High capacity with limited draught and length.
  • “Tailor made” ferry design for the specific route, operation and local requirements.

Other Benefits:

  • Optimised hull form with limited main dimensions for speed, manoeuvrability and course stability in shallow water conditions and ice.

Special Features:

  • Continuation with Basic and Detail Design packages for the Shipyard will ensure seamless design continuation and faster delivery time.
Ship delivered in 2013.
Vesa Hamarila Deltamarin
Vesa Hamarila
Senior Advisor
Tel. +358 9 4788 4445
Mobile +358 40 5927 463
Johan Hellman Deltamarin
Johan Hellman
Sales, passenger ships
Tel. +358 9 4788 4458
Mobile +358 40 7014 237
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