Energy efficiency audits

Energy efficiency audits

Energy efficiency: from Mindmap to Roadmap

Every vessel’s operation can be improved and operation costs reduced. Based on the continuous development work Deltamarin has so far conducted energy efficiency audits evaluated systems and operational issues of about 30 vessels for more than 10 shipowners.

The Energy Efficiency Evaluation covers the following subjects:

  • Comprehensive ship audit to understand the weak areas and possibilities for enhancements.
  • Evaluation of all ship systems and operational issues to find optimal improvements.
  • The main output is a roadmap for improvements with estimated investment costs and payback periods.
  • Crew energy management assessment and tailor-made training proposal for the crew.
  • The Roadmap is a tool for the management in prioritising the energy efficiency development works.

The audited vessels include cruise, ro-pax and ro-ro vessels as well as tankers for the following customers among others: Ellingsen, Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, P&O Ferries, Irish Ferries, Color Line, RCCL, Gotlandsbolaget, Hellenic Seaways, Stolt Nielsen.

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