8,000 DWT RoRo Paper / Trailer Carrier

Finmaster - ro-ro paper/trailer carrier
Customers: Nordic Holdings; SDARI and Jinling Shipyard
Owner: Nordic Forest Terminals
Shipyard: Jinling Shipyard

Main dimensions:

Lane meters 1,900 m
LOA 160.5 m
Breadth, mld 20.5 m
Draught, design 6.6 m
Depth to upper deck 13.7 m
Speed, service 20 knots
Deadweight 8,100 t
Main engine 12,600 kW
Ice class 1A


  • Development of outline project for the Owner including General Arrangement, weight calculations, midship structure, hull form, stability calculations load cases, Dry Cargo Index, damage stability calculations, power/ speed calculations.
  • Contractual design including General Arrangement, Machinery Arrangement, structural principles, lightweight calculations, hull form, tank arrangement, stability calculations, speed prediction.
  • Coordination of model tests including development of model test hull form, appendage plan, and responsibility of model tests; seakeeping calculations.
  • Basic design approval including drawing and document approval for general and safety, outfitting, structure, machinery and piping, electrical and automation; stability calculations for class approval; delivery documents: loading manual, sounding table, cargo securing manual.

Customer Benefits:

  • Outline design for efficient yard tendering.
  • State of the art contract design for the ro-ro vessel.
Ship delivered in 2000.
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