GVA7500 Semi-Submersible

GVA7500 Semi-Submersible

DP3 Deep Water Drilling Unit for Moderate Environment

Customers: GVA Consultants
Owner: Petroserv SA
Shipyard: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co

Main dimensions:

LOA116.6 m
Beam over all 96.7 m
Beam outside pontoons 78.1 m
Height, baseline to upper deck 45.0 m
Length of pontoons 108.8 m
Draught, operating 23.0 m
Air gap operation / survival 13.5 / 17.5 m
Capacities Variable deck load capacity in excess of 8500 metric tonnes.
Accommodation 152 persons (Temporary 174)
Electric power system with 8 x diesel generators 5000 kW each
Propulsion power with 8 x thrusters 3800 kW each
Regulatory requirements DNV Offshore Codes, IMO DP class 3


Subcontracted personnel to GVA-C for participation in the following scope of work under GVA-C management for the GVA7500 semi-submersible drilling unit:

  • Basic engineering arrangements, calculations, system PIDs, system descriptions, conceptual routings and preliminary weight estimations for machinery, ventilation and HVAC.
  • El. equipment arrangements, load analysis, system descriptions, block diagrams and single line diagrams for electric and instrumentation.
Esa Jokioinen
Sales, offshore
Tel. +358 2 4336 344
Mobile +358 40 834 8112
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