GVAC Petrobras XXIII

GVAC Petrobras XXIII

(ex. ‘Vinni’) Semi-submersible Drilling Rig

Customers: Götaverken Arendal Ab


In 1998 Vinni was converted to a dynamic positioned deep water-drilling platform in Holland and named to Petrobras XXIII.


Steel design of the pontoons, legs and the corner sections.

  • Complete piping and outfitting design of the Pontoons, Legs, Machinery area, Piping on deck, Drilling area
  • Supervision at site including supervision of piping and machinery systems’ installation, coordination between design and production and responsibility of design modifications.
  • The project was completed in about one year.

Special Techniques Used:

The Pipematic CAD program was used in our workstations isometric piping design.

  • The part lists of the piping drawings were transferred directly to GVA’s computerised material handling system by using a data line.
  • The design of the entire drilling area was made by using model technique.
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