Hybrid scrubber system retrofit

Hybrid scrubber system retrofit

13,500 DWT ro-ro vessel Bore Song

Customers: Bore Ltd, Finland
Shipyard: Fayard Drydocks, Denmark

Main engine: Wärtsilä 12V46F CR 12,000 kW

Deltamarin Floating Construction provided  M/V Bore Song with a DeltaLangh hybrid type scrubber on full turnkey basis. The delivery consisted of a combined closed and open loop scrubber system for 12 MW engine output with the patented water treatment and dewatering plant. Integration and plan approval design, installation, warranty and system support were also supplied.

Integration design was made by Deltamarin Ltd. Basis for integration was to have as much premanufactured as possible before the 2-week drydocking period. Auxiliary equipment was decided to be installed into a premanufactured equipment room. The equipment room was manufactured and all the equipment  installed in Finland and shipped for hook-up in Denmark.

The auxiliary equipment room was lifted on board during the ship docking at Fayard drydocks. During drydocking the pipelines between sea chest, SW pump, scrubber tower and equipment module were installed.

Bore Song left the drydock in time and with the scrubber in immediate use.

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