‘Kontio’ icebreaker

‘Kontio’ icebreaker


Kontio - icebreaker
Customers: Arctia Icebreaking Oy; Turku Repair Yard
Owner: Arctia Icebreaking Oy
Shipyard: Turku Repair Yard

Main dimensions of the icebreaker:

Ice class 1A Super
LOA 99 m
Breadth 24.2 m
Draught 8.0 m
Speed, service 18.5 m
Gross tonnage 7,066 t
Shaft output 15 MW
Bollard pull 160 t
Crew 24

Commission for the Owner:

  • Update of General Arrangement, safety plan, fire departmentation and escape way documentation.

Commission for the Yard:

  • Single Line Diagram for Recovered Oil Piping
  • Routing of Piping
  • Heating Coils and Air Pipes
  • Hot Water Diagram
  • Crane Foundations
  • Container Fittings
  • Hatches for Heeling Channels
  • Life Boat Davits and Platform

Special Features:

  • The conversion work consisted of modification from mere icebreaker to additional oil recovery activities.
Esa Jokioinen
Sales, offshore
Tel. +358 2 4336 344
Mobile +358 40 834 8112
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