‘Norwegian Wind’ refurbishment

‘Norwegian Wind’ refurbishment

Cruise Vessel Refurbishment

Norwegian Wind - cruise vessel refurbishment
Customers: Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)
Owner: Norwegian Cruise Line

Main dimensions:

Passengers 2,100
Lpp 199.8 m
Breadth 28.5 m
Draught, design 7.0 m


  • Feasibility study for public space refurbishment including preliminary layouts,weight estimation, stability check, escape arrangements, contacts to authorities.
  • Navigation bridge modernisation including new bridge layout, console layouts, electrical drawings, removal of obstructing pillar onbridge, thinning of bridge window frames.
  • Design for new crew cabin area including feasibility study, detailed layouts, interior detail design, HVAC design, update of calculations and safety drawings.
  • Design for installation of an additional auxiliary engine including feasibility study, conversion specification, engine arrangement, engine foundation, system diagrams, stability calculations for starting work during sea voyage, site assistance.
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