‘Oasis of the Seas’ & ‘Allure of the Seas’

‘Oasis of the Seas’ & ‘Allure of the Seas’

Cruise Vessel

Oasis of the Seas - cruise vessel
Customers: Royal Caribbean International, STX Europe Turku Shipyard, Merima, Orsap
Owner: Royal Caribbean International
Shipyard: STX Europe Turku Shipyard

Main dimensions:

Passengers 5,400 D.O.
LOA 360.0 m
Breadth 47.0 m
Draught, design 9.15 m
Speed 22 knots
D.O. Passenger cabins 2,700

Commission for the Owner:

Pre–Shipbuilding Contract Phase: Participation in the project development team, including
  • Weight calculations
  • Manoeuvring studies
  • Specification development, special items, including guidelines for Safety Design
  • Stability checks
  • Platform optimization and subdivision
  • General Arrangement development, lower part of the vessel
  • Alternative hull forms
  • Propulsion and powering studies
Shipbuilding Phase in Alliance with Safety at Sea:
  • Third party studies and reviews of Weight, Hull Form, Model Tests, Subdivision and Stability
  • Development of  Manoeuvring and Vessel Handling Performance, extensive manoeuvring simulations
  • Survivability Analysis and Model Testing
  • Participation in the alternative design project team for the prototype high capacity life boats
  • Fire Safety Assessment
  • Wind/Micro Climate – Study with CFD
  • Open Deck Passenger Comfort Analysis
  • Safety Level Studies
  • Redundancy Verification of Power Production, Propulsion and selected comfort systems
  • Membership of Safety Advisory Board, Prof. Dracos Vassalos of SaS

Benefits for the Owner:

  • Reduced fuel consumption based on optimised hull form
  • Safety Level method leading to high survivability, fire safety and evacuability
  • Vessel subdivision & high survivability based on Solas 2009 and risk based design methodology
  • Tested and verified design solutions

Special Features:

  • The world’s largest cruise vessel with unique open promenade layout analysed with extensive CFD

Commission for the Yard:

Basic Design including:
  • Hull, Machinery, HVAC, Outfitting, Electric for the middle section (MFZ 3,4,5) and part of Interior design: windows scheme, insulation plan, fire integrity and further possible revisions for all ship
  • 3D Modelling of Navigation Bridge including rules compliance, functionality and ergonometry studies
Detail design including:
  • Hull design for the fore part: Tribon modelling system used for hull production documentation

Benefits for the Yard:

  • Package solution for comprehensive engineering entities

Commission for the Suppliers:

Detail design including:
  • HVAC and Interior for promenade area, main stairs and observation lounge and electric design for main stairs and observation lounge. 3D Cadmatic software used for HVAC design.
Ships delivered in 2009 and 2010.
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