Sakhalin II

Sakhalin II

Lunskoye Platform (LUN-A) & Piltun Platform (PA-B)

Customers: RR Offshore Oy

Lunskoye Platform (LUN-A):

Located 15km off the north eastern coast of Sakhalin Island, in a water depth of 48 metres, LUN-A is a drilling and production platform with minimum processing facilities. Oil/condensate and gas separation including gas treatment for transport to the LNG plant will be done onshore at the onshore processing facility.

  • Gas approximately 1,800 MM scf/d
  • Peak liquids and condensate about 34,000 b/d
  • Peak oil 16,000 b/d

Piltun Platform (PA-B):

The Piltun-Astokhskoye-B (PA-B) is a drilling, processing and production platform that will extract oil and associated gas from the Piltun reservoir. The platform will be located in a water depth of 32 meters.

  • Oil approximately 70,000 b/d
  • Associated gas 100 MMscf/d


Deltamarin’s scope of FEED phase work:

  • Participating in piping engineering of main mechanical outfitting (MMO).
  • Participating in structural engineering of MMO.
  • Strength analysis (specifying calculation targets, methods and tools, schedule and necessary resources).
  • Strength calculations

Deltamarin’s scope of workshop engineering:

  • Coordination of MMO engineering
  • Engineering schedule follow-up
  • Coordination of fabrication engineering (method statements, schedule & follow-up, site assistance)
  • Ice shield engineering
  • Site assistance in Astrakhan and Nahodka

Deltamarin’s engineers under RR Offshore’s organisation participating in the following:

  • Engineering management
  • Structural lead
  • Caisson system lead
  • Ice shield lead
  • Preparing the job cards for production
  • Material flow control
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