Semi-Submersible Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Modernisation Project

Customers: RR Offshore Oy (Lukoil, Russia)


The non-propelled floating semi-submersible drilling rig “SHELF-7” was assembled in 1992 at the Astrakhan Marine Shipbuilding Yard (AMSY) but because of lack of financing the building was suspended in 1993. In 2001-2002 LUKOIL planned to build the rig ready and at the same time update to a new modern level as regards power demand, drilling capacity, living quarters etc.
RR Offshore Oy was involved in the project as main contractor and Deltamarin as a partner for engineering.


  • Conceptual technical specification and diagrams for piping systems, e.g. fuel oil, cooling water, ballast water, fresh water, etc.
  • Preparing project engineering plan.
  • Complete 3D model for overall coordination and marketing purposes.
  • Actual scope 5,000 hours.
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