‘Stolt Shearwater’

‘Stolt Shearwater’

5,400 m³ Chemical Parcel Tanker

Stolt Shearwater - chemical parcel tanker
Customers: Stolt Parcel Tankers Inc., INMA SpA
Owner: Stolt Parcel Tankers Inc.
Shipyard: INMA SpA

Main dimensions:

Cargo capacity 5,400 m³
LOA 96.0 m
Breadth mld 16.20 m
Draught, max. 6.40 m
Speed, trial 12.5 knots
Diesel-electric mach., total power 3,720 kW
Deadweight 5,300 tonnes
Class DNV, ice 1B


Project & basic design including:

  • Definition of final main dimensions
  • Hull form design
  • Coordination and supervision of model testing
  • Preliminary loading manual
  • Stability calculations
  • Arrangement of safety drawings
  • Structural classification drawings
  • Participation in the Owner’s meetings

Customer Benefits:

  • Reliable study on five different machinery options and their impact on the complete configuration of the vessel
  • Additional cargo volume in restricted main dimensions
  • Higher maximum speed
  • Reliable speed-power prognosis already at an early stage of the concept development
  • Novel hull form design maximising the cargo volume with low resistance

Other Benefits:

  • Selected diesel-electric drive with electric motor geared to fixed pitch propeller
  • Compact machinery space layout with in-built safety in separated engine rooms
  • High availability of machinery power for all purposes

Special Features:

  • Diesel-electric propulsion
  • Compact machinery spaces with novel layout
Ship delivered in 1998.
Mauri Harki Deltamarin
Mauri Harki
Senior Advisor
Tel. +358 9 4788 4426
Mobile +358 400 357 577
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