‘Vasco da Gama’ Dredger

‘Vasco da Gama’ Dredger

Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger

Special vessels Vasco da Gama - hopper suction dredger vessel
Customers: Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH
Owner: Jan de Nul
Shipyard: Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH

Vasco da Gama was the largest dredger in the world at the time of delivery with hopper capacity of 33,000 m3. The vessel is mainly used for dredging loose and soft soils such as sand, gravel, silt or clay.

Main dimensions:

Hopper capacity 33.000 m3
L over dredging equipm. 201,0 m
LOA 191.1 m
Breadth, mld 36.2 m
Draught, dredging 14.0 m
Depth to main deck 19.0 m
Speed 16.5 knots


  • Part of basic design.
  • Procurement for outfitting, HVAC and interior.
  • Complete detail engineering including hull, outfitting, interior, HVAC, machinery and piping; excluding dredging  equipment, electrical design and engine room plastic model.
  • Site assistance team at the yard during building.

Customer Benefits:

  • Complete design and engineering of the ship “in one place”, total coordination.

Special Features of the dredger:

  • Dredging depth 45/60/80/131 m
  • Diameter of suction pipes (2 No.) 1.400 mm
  • Hopper capacity 33.000 m3
  • Pumps (trailing) 2 x 4.500 kW
  • Dumping system: bottom doors (above bottom line)
  • Complete deckhouse in Microstation 3-D.
  • Complete hull in TRIBON 3-D.
Ship delivered in 2000.
Esa Jokioinen
Sales, offshore
Tel. +358 2 4336 344
Mobile +358 40 834 8112
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