Reference Categories Archives: Ro-ro & PCTC vessels

Reference Categories Archives: Ro-ro & PCTC vessels


11,000 DWT RoRo Vessel

Customers: Nordic Holdings, SDARI, Jinling Shipyard — Deltamarin delivered project design, contract design, model test coordination and basic design.

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8,000 DWT RoRo Paper / Trailer Carrier

Finmaster - ro-ro paper/trailer carrier

Customers: Nordic Holdings; SDARI and Jinling Shipyard — Deltamarin’s commission included outline design for yard tendering, state of the art contract design, model test coordination and basic design services.

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RoRo Carrier

Estraden - ro-ro carrier

Customer: Aker Finnyards Oy — Deltamarin delivered a large design package including basic and detail design services.

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‘Sea Centurion’

RoRo Carrier

Sea Centurion - ro-ro carrier

Customers: Stena Rederi AB; Societa Esercizio Cantieri — Deltamarin’s commission included design services and studies as well as supervision services.

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‘Baltic Bright’

Ro-Ro Carrier

Baltic Bright - ro-ro carrier

Customer: Karlskronavarvet AB — Deltamarin delivered a complete basic and detail design package for the yard taking care of the complete coordination of the design as well.

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RoRo / Paper Carrier

Obbola - ro-ro paper carrier

Customer: Astilleros Españoles SA Sevilla — Deltamarin delivered special studies and detail design services for the yard.

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‘Norking’ / ‘Norqueen’

Lengthening of RoRo carriers

Norking - ro-ro vessel

Customer: Oy Rettig Ab — Deltamarin participated in the conversion design with design services increasing the cargo carrying capacity by more than 40%.

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‘Stena Trader’

RoRo Passenger Vessel

Stena Trader - ro-ro passenger vessel

Customer: Fosen Mek. Verksteder — Deltamarin’s scope of work covered project review and basic design for the yard.

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Ro-Ro Trailer Carrier

8,550 dwt

Ro-ro trailer carrier

Customer: Union Naval de Levante S.A. — Deltamarin delivered the yard a compact outline design with maximised lane metres and good speed/power performance.

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