B.Delta37 Bulk Carriers for CNCo

B.Delta37 Bulk Carriers for CNCo

Box Shape Hold Bulk Carriers

CNCo MV Wuchang bulk carrier based on Deltamarin's B.Delta37 design
Customers: The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore / Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd, China
Owner: The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Shipyard: Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

“Thanks to Deltamarin’s innovative approach, these ships have been designed to achieve extremely high efficiency for their type, ensuring the lowest fuel consumption per tonne mile.”

Martin Cresswell, Fleet Director, China Navigation Company

Main dimensions of the bulk carriers:

Cargo capacity 48,500 m3
LOA 180.0 m
Breadth 30.0 m
Draught, scantling 10.5 m
Draught, design 9.5 m
Speed, service 14.0 knots
Deadweight, scantling 39,500 t
Cargo holds 5
Box shape holds 2, 3, 4

Shipbuilding order:

Sixteen firm units at Chengxi Shipyard and eight at Zhejiang Ouhua Shipyard

Commission for the Shipowner:

  • Outline project
  • Contract design

Commission for the Yard:

  • Basic design
  • Detail design
  • Technical procurement handling
  • Site team to take the design to production

Benefits for the Shipowner:

  • The model tested daily fuel oil consumption at design draft shall be only 17.9t including 15% seamargin, ISO conditions.
  • EEDI 21% below required limit.
  • High cargo volume.
  • Shallow draft with high deadweight.

Shipbroker and Deltamarin partner: Barry Rogliano Salles BRS, France

See the video of the MV Wulin launch.

News about the project.

All vessels delivered:
from Chengxi Shipyard:
in 2013 Wuchang (the first B.Delta37 ever delivered), Wuchow,
in 2014 Wuhu, Wulin, Eredine, Erradale, Erisort,
in 2015 Eriskay, Fengning, Fengtien, Foochow, Funing,
in 2016 Hanyang, Hoihow, Hunan, Hupeh
from Zhejiang Ouhua Shipyard:
in 2015 Liangchow, Lintan, Luchow,
in 2016 Luenho, Pakhoi, Pekin, Powan, Poyang
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