‘Ville de Bordeaux’

‘Ville de Bordeaux’

6,000 DWT RoRo Car / High Heavy Vehicle Carrier

Ville de Bordeaux - aircraft part carrier
Customers: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs; HUAL; AIRBUS; Jinling Shipyard
Owner: Seaplane
Shipyard: Jinling Shipyard

Main dimensions:

Lane meters 1,805 m
LOA 154.3 m
Breadth 24 m
Depth 21.85 m
Draught, design 5.5 m
Draught, max. 6.5 m
Speed 21 knots
Deadweight, design 3,000 tonnes
Deadweight, max. 6,100 tonnes


  • Project Design for the Owner including main dimensions, capacities, speed/power, General Arrangement, Machinery Arrangement, weight calculations, midship section, hull form, stability calculations, and assistance in yard discussions.
  • Complete Basic Design and Site Team Support for the Yard including general, hull, outfitting, accommodation, machinery and electric; FEM analysis; special calculations including vibration calculations, manoeuvring calculations, seakeeping calculations; model test coordination including hull form and appendage definitions, CFD calculations, analysis of model test results; on-site team for coordination of detail design and technical support for yard/supplier contacts.
  • Design for the Owner including simulation of aircraft loading and unloading with 3D modelling; special seakeeping model tests and scenario simulations for aircraft transport.

Customer Benefits:

  • New concept development for special transport task.

Other Benefits:

  • Experience in working with a Chinese shipyard for a demanding ro-ro project.

Special Features:

  • Special design for carrying aircraft parts including high upper hold; main deck strengthening for special platforms; low humidity and other conditions.
  • Trailer loading considered with exceptional large hoistable deck.
  • Strip theory calculations with SHIPMO program for seakeeping.
  • 3D steel model for the hull classification drawings.
Ship delivered in 2004.
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