Multipurpose icebreaker

Customers: Finnyards Ltd

Main dimensions:

LOA 116.0 m
Breadth, mld 26.0 m
Draught as Baltic icebreaker 7.0 m
Draught as Arctic icebreaker 8.0 m
Draught in offshore operations 8.4 m
Propulsion power 15,000 kW
Speed 16 knots
Icebreaking capability 1.8 m at continuous speed
Bollard pull 200 t


  • Project studies for various alternatives for hull dimensioning and weight.
  • Participation in specialist groups for icebreaking, working heavy ice, working under low temperature, etc.
  • Classification calculations for hull
  • Lightweight calculations
  • Calculations for Canadian ice rules
  • Study of compound plate technology
  • Steerbear basic hull model
  • Numerical design of two blocks
  • General and special studies on icebreaking technology
Ship delivered in 1993.
Esa Jokioinen
Sales, offshore
Tel. +358 2 4336 344
Mobile +358 40 834 8112
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