Safety audits

Safety audits

Safety audits

Deltamarin has experience from about 50 ship audits in safety and environmental issues. Our efficient and systematic process improves vessel properties even beyond the existing rules. The process has been developed together with ship owners to meet their specific needs for practical assessment and reporting method.

During the ship’s operation Deltamarin provides the ship owners with a systematic assessment of the complete vessel or agreed limited scope. As a result of this they will get:

  • A report indicating weaknesses and related improvement proposals
  • A database of the audit and related findings

The audit may be conducted also already during the design or construction phase, where Deltamarin provides a systematic evaluation of drawings and assembly for the shipowners. They will get:

  • A report indicating eventual weaknesses and improvement proposals related to single failure, fire, flooding and quality.
  • A database of the audit and related findings

The audited vessels include cruise, ro-pax and ro-ro vessels as well as tankers for the following customers among others: Color Line, Stena RoRo, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Tallink Silja (Silja Line).

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