‘Senise Destiny’

‘Senise Destiny’

116 m Luxury Corporation Yacht

Senise Destiny - yacht
Customers: Senise International Ltd
Owner: Senise International Ltd

Main dimensions:

LOA 116.0 m
Breadth, mld 20.0 m
Draught, design 5.0 m


  • Feasibility project: preliminary 3D Parametric Product Model, General Arrangement, estimated propulsion and service power requirements, machinery and systems, lightweight, short specification.
  • Outline / Tender projects: main dimensions and capacities, 3D Product Modelling, General Arrangement, GT calculation, outline specification, structural drawings, lightweight, hull form, hydrostatics, capacities and subdivision, loading conditions and stability, powering.

Customer Benefits:

  • New yacht configuration in 3D format fulfilling the SOLAS requirements with new hull form type.

Other Benefits:

  • Full 3D Product Model for Owner and Guest spaces, for technical spaces and for all main system routing.
  • Correct space reservation already at the Concept phase.

Special Features:

  • New type of hull form for the luxury yacht.
Esa Jokioinen
Sales, offshore
Tel. +358 2 4336 344
Mobile +358 40 834 8112
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