Deltamarin and Aker Arctic combine excellence in Arctic tanker design

Deltamarin and Aker Arctic combine excellence in Arctic tanker design

Deltamarin Ltd and Aker Arctic Technology Inc have jointly developed a modern Aframax-sized tanker concept for arctic use, focusing on safe operations. Deltamarin’s expertise in affordable energy efficient cargo vessels together with Aker Arctic’s strong track record in arctic vessels have turned into a unique tanker concept. Apart from being ice strengthened and equipped with other novelty features, the vessel will provide cost efficient and reliable tanker operations both in open water and in ice.

The Arctic Aframax tanker is intended for crude oil and oil product transports. The vessel is strengthened to ice class Polar Class 5 level (equals approximately Russian Maritime Register of Shipping category ARC6) and is capable of continuously breaking thicker than one-metre level ice. She can operate on the Northern Sea Route during the extended summer months, and with assistance even longer. During the winter months the vessel can operate in other sub-arctic sea areas such as the Baltic Sea or Sakhalin. Deltamarin’s experience in designing cost efficient cargo vessels with track record of hundreds of contracted vessels is utilised in minimising the newbuilding and operating costs of this special tanker.

Deltamarin’s Director of Ship Design Markku Miinala and Aker Arctic’s Project Manager Riku Kiili are excited about the co-operation, which brings together the top knowhow of both companies. “The design integrates optimised ice breaking and open water performance as well as the latest energy efficiency features applied together with the Polar Code requirements. This unique combination results in an affordable building and improved transport economy by cost efficient operation. The design can be fine-tuned according to the customer’s wishes”, describe Miinala and Kiili.

The bow and hull shape of the vessel have the best balance of open water performance with icebreaking capabilities. The specially designed hull strengthening improves safety in operations in the arctic waters. The hull is equipped with an Ice Load Monitoring System, which measures ice loads from the hull and provides online support to the officers ensuring safe operations. The system will also help the ship owner in the long term by analysing the data and creating information for the optimal operations.  The emphasis has also been on winterisation for cold climates in all aspects of the concept design.

The vessel is equipped with two CP-propellers and shaft lines directly coupled with slow speed diesel engines. The vessel can also be fitted to run on LNG with dual fuel engines. Further there is a possibility for two bow thrusters and shaft PTO/PTI (Power Take Off / Power Take In) systems.  A special focus has been on developing an improved command bridge, where the new Aker Arctic ARC Bridge Concept was used. The visibility from the bridge is excellent in all directions and good ergonomics including access and passages to command posts is created.

Technical specifications

Arctic Aframax 118,000 DWT Crude Oil Carrier

Loa 266.0 m
Lbp 258.1 m
Breadth 46.0 m
Depth 22.5 m
Draught, design 14.8 m

Hull and Performance:

Ice class PC5/RMRS Arc6 level
Ice breaking capability 1 metre continuous
Economical open water speed 13.5 knots

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See also Aker Arctic website.

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About Deltamarin Ltd:
Deltamarin is a ship design, offshore engineering and construction Group operating in the marine and offshore industries worldwide. Its services include the full range of consulting, design and engineering as well as procurement, construction and installation. The Group employs around 350 experts in its own and associated companies located in Europe and Asia. Deltamarin is a subsidiary of AVIC International Maritime Holdings Limited.

About Aker Arctic Technology Inc:
Aker Arctic is an independent company that specializes in the development, design, engineering and testing services for the ice-going vessels, icebreakers and offshore marine structures and ports. Aker Arctic’s head office is located in Helsinki Finland.

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  1. chen April 10, 2016 at 16:58 #


    does the draught design 14.8m correspond to deadweight 118,000 tons or another Max. summer draught do?

    • Markku Miinala April 11, 2016 at 15:42 #

      Dear Mr Chen,

      Thank you for your question.
      14.8m draught corresponds to deadweight 118,000 tons.

      Kind regards
      Markku Miinala
      Director, Ship Design & Offshore

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