Deltamarin introduces an answer to Asian ro-pax ferry challenges

Deltamarin introduces an answer to Asian ro-pax ferry challenges

DeltaSAFER - ro-pax ferry for the Asian markets (copyright Deltamarin)

As a leading ro-pax ferry design company, Deltamarin is committed to finding a solution to the challenges of the Asian ferry market. The challenges at hand include large regional variations in cargo volume and composition, huge economic pressure on operators and unsatisfactory safety records especially in the developing countries. Deltamarin’s answer to this is DeltaSAFER design, which is both safe and affordable at the same time.

DeltaSAFER is a family of SAFE and AFFORDABLE new-built ro-pax ferries. The design combines cost-effectiveness with an exceptional level of safety in a modular platform developed to meet the needs of different kinds of routes.


The safety of the design is visible in various features. The selected set of the hull dimensions is characterised by a relatively large beam of 30 m. This, together with enhanced subdivision of the spaces below the main deck (including a triple bottom and triple side structure below the main trailer deck) results in high intact stability and survivability in case of damage. A simplified layout of the passenger spaces allows for smooth embarkation and evacuation. A redundant propulsion system helps to tackle extreme weather conditions, while an optimised hull form ensures low accelerations in waves and reduced power requirements.


The hull shape and structure give not only hydrodynamic benefits but also reduced construction costs. This includes utilising standard plate thicknesses and profiles as well as simple connection details, developed in cooperation with an Asian shipyard. Other cost-effective measures include aligning the interior standard with local expectations, and using a mix of several comfortable suites with a number of large common sleeping spaces for budget travellers. A selection of affordable equipment manufacturers has also been identified to keep the costs of the machinery as low as possible.

Modularity of design

The DeltaSAFER design family covers a wide range of combinations considering passenger intake, cargo capacity and speed. Three variations are available so far:

DeltaSAFER25 – a “base case” design with high deadweight (9,800t), reduced speed (16kn design speed) and 800 passengers. Other dimensions are:

Loa 188.8 m
B 30.0 m
T 6.4 m
Lane meters 2,500 m

DeltaSAFER21 – a Sino-Korean version with higher speed (20kn), 2,100 lane meters for cargo and a capacity of 1,000 passengers.

DeltaSAFER15 – a South-East Asian option with reduced cargo capacity (5,500dwt) but increased passenger intake of 2,000 people.

Other options, including a fast ro-pax ferry, are also currently under development. The available designs can be tailor-made according to specific client requirements. Deltamarin also offers a comprehensive construction services package with full engineering, procurement and project management (EPCM) support for construction.

We are confident that our DeltaSAFER design offers Asian ferry owners and operators a solution well-suited to safe transportation at a reasonably low cost. An added benefit is the possibility to suit any capacity requirement – something not available in the second-hand market,” says Grzegorz Mazerski, Project Manager for DeltaSAFER and R&D Manager at Deltamarin’s Poland office.

The DeltaSAFER design family was unveiled at the SMM 2016 exhibition in Hamburg. Further details of the design will be presented at the upcoming Interferry conference in Manila, the Philippines in October.

For more information please contact

Grzegorz Mazerski, Manager, R&D, Deltamarin Poland
Grzegorz Mazerski
R&D Team Leader, Deltamarin Poland
Mobile +48 50 8622 596

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