BRS, Deltamarin and Bureau Veritas join forces to provide future emissions and performance toolbox

BRS, Deltamarin and Bureau Veritas join forces to provide future emissions and performance toolbox

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Collaboration provides a pathway and tools for shipowners to measure, verify and improve performance.

Three global players, the shipbroker Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS); Deltamarin, the ship designers and engineers; and Bureau Veritas, a world leader in ship classification, have agreed to cooperate to provide effective ship performance and energy transition solutions for the world’s shipowners.

The focus of the initiative is to provide a pathway and tools for owners to measure, verify and improve performance – both for specific compliance with Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indictor (CII) requirements and broader Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and financial targets.

The agreement will ensure the strengths of each partner will enable shipowners to find a pathway through the uncertainties of compliance with new and developing EEXI and CII emissions regulations as well as the demands of their own – and their stakeholders’ – ambitions to meet both emissions and financial performance targets.

The partnership will develop a service to assess the operational and retrofit solutions available to reach decarbonization targets, including EPL, propulsion optimization, and energy saving devices, new fuels, wind propulsion or other options. Deltamarin will focus on calculations and engineering optimization solutions. Bureau Veritas will provide verification, risk and compliance services related to confirming calculations and the safety and risks management of engineering solutions. BRS will be focused on optimizing the financial performance and cost control aspects of projects including carbon credit offers / benefits / opportunities, as well as working with the shipyards that will carry out modification and retrofit work.

Each partner commented on the initiative:

Matthieu de Tugny, President Marine & Offshore, Bureau Veritas: “We need to do more than just calculate the EEXI and CII requirements. We need to find, verify and market the benefit of solutions to help shipowners meet their performance targets.”

Janne Uotila, CEO of Deltamarin added: “The future is not only about complying with the upcoming design and operation indexes. It is about finding a transition pathway towards low and eventually zero carbon shipping. This collaboration enables us to address all of the aspects which need to be considered in solving this complex equation.”

Francois Cadiou, President, BRS concluded: “This commercial agreement will permit our clients to make better-informed decisions and comply with the regulations set out by the IMO. Ultimately this will help move shipping towards a more sustainable future.”

You can find more information of Deltamarin’s EEXI services here.

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