COSCO orders Deltamarin B.Deltas

COSCO orders Deltamarin B.Deltas

The success of Deltamarin’s B.Delta37 continues as the first Chinese shipowner COSCO orders four 40,000 DWT Handymax bulk carriers at Tianjin Xingang shipyard in China.

In addition to this COSCO order, 16 B.Delta37 vessels have earlier been ordered at the Tianjin Xingang shipyard, with eight vessels for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs and another eight for M.T. Maritime Management Group (MTMM) / Strategic Shipping Inc. (SSI).

The main dimensions of the vessels for COSCO are: length below 180 m and beam 30 m. The service speed at design draught is 14.0 knots. The deadweight is 40,000 metric tonnes at scantling draught. The vessels will have five cargo holds and can take 50,000 m3 of cargo, while their fuel performance will be less than 18 tons/day. The COSCO vessels will be classified by the China Classification Society (CCS), and their deliveries are expected in 2015 and 2016.

The total value of Deltamarin’s contract with China Shipbuilding & Offshore International (H.K.) Co. (CSOC), which acts as the financer of the project on behalf of Tianjin Xingang shipyard, is around 0.8 M€. The estimated contract period is six months.

B.Delta Series

The total number of Deltamarin’s B.Delta bulk carriers and their derivates ordered so far is close to 110 vessels, of which 74 are of B.Delta37 design.

B.Delta37 has attracted significant attention in the industry due to its best-in-class (handysize segment) performance in terms of a range of parameters such as low fuel oil consumption, low emissions, EEDI, deadweight intake and lightweight particulars. The vessel has excellent manoeuvrability and performance in heavy seas as experienced during the sea trials of MV “Wuchang”, the first ever B.Delta37 delivered to China Navigation.

Since autumn 2013, a total of eleven B.Delta37s have already been delivered to their owners. Besides MV “Wuchang”, China Navigation has also taken delivery of MV “Wuchow”, MV “Wuhu”, MV “Wulin” and MV “Eredine”. China Navigation still has 11 B.Delta37s on order at Chengxi Shipyard and eight at Zhejiang Ouhua Shipyard. Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has also received its first B.Delta37s, MV “La Briantais” and MV “La Guimorais”. MV “Strategic Alliance”, MV “Strategic Synergy” and MV “Strategic Unity” have been delivered to MTMM/SSI, as well as MV “Giulia I” to d’Amico Società di Navigazione.

French shipbroking company Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) provided its valuable support in arranging the above B.Delta shipbuilding contracts with the shipyards.

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