Deltamarin’s PCTC design gains reputation

Deltamarin’s PCTC design gains reputation

The New Horizon class PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) design developed by Deltamarin in close cooperation with the owner Höegh Autoliners, was shortlisted as one of the four nominees for the Nor-Shipping Energy Efficiency Award. The award winner, selected by an independent jury, representing among others, the IMO, DNV GL and The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK), was recognised at the Nor-Shipping Opening Conference on June 2, 2015. Even though Deltamarin did not win the award this time, it is very proud to be honoured for their commitment to reducing shipping’s environmental impact with a focus on practical solutions and performance.

The new Horizon class vessel is a new generation multi-purpose PCTC intended for world-wide service. It is the world’s highest capacity PCTC with a deck area of 71,400 m². The ship can carry 8,500 car equivalent units, including carry trucks, cars, roll trailers as well as high and heavy project cargo. The vessel has 13 full cargo decks, 5 of them liftable, and a garage on deck 14. The access to the vessel is arranged through a 375 t stern ramp and a 22 t side ramp. The design and specification is developed to enhance and improve efficiency and decrease environmental impact. The vessel is classified by Det Norske Veritas to class notation +1A1, Car Carrier, MCDK, ICE C, E0, NAUT-OC, CLEAN, BWM-T, TMON, BIS, COAT-PSPC (B).

“We have enjoyed a highly professional and close cooperation with Deltamarin not only in the design phase of the New Horizon class, but also throughout the building process of the first vessel, that will be completed in June. We believe this will be the new industry benchmark in PCTC design”, commented Steinar Løvdal, Höegh Autoliners’ Head of Capacity Management.

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The key drivers in the vessel design have been in addition to operational performance and safety, the energy efficiency and environmental impact. A lot of attention has been paid to optimising the hull form in order to combine high cargo capacity and low fuel oil consumption. The vessel will emit only half of the CO2 per transported unit, compared to a conventional car carrier. Extensive series of model tests and re-design have been carried out to achieve outstanding performance. In addition to calm water performance special attention has been paid on added resistance in heavy seas and wind resistance.

Energy efficiency principles have been followed throughout the ship system design, specifications and selection of equipment considering latest technology in the market. With an attained EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) of about 39% below the IMO reference line, the New Horizon class PCTC is compliant with Phase 3 of the EEDI regulations.

First of the six vessels ordered, the Hoegh Target, will soon be delivered from the Xiamen shipyard in China. The rest are scheduled for delivery later this year and next year.

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More details also on Höegh Autoliners’ website.

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