DeltaSAFER ferry presented at the Interferry conference

DeltaSAFER ferry presented at the Interferry conference

DeltaSAFER - ro-pax ferry for the Asian markets (copyright Deltamarin)

Deltamarin’s answer to the Asian ro-pax ferry challenges, the safe and affordable DeltaSAFER ferry design, was presented at the Annual Interferry Conference 2016 in Manila, the Philippines. Päivi Haikkola and Grzegorz Mazerski, who work in the company’s R&D departments in Finland and Poland, presented the latest developments of this concept.

A recording of their presentation has been published by Interferry and you may view it here.

The idea

The idea for this development work came from Päivi Haikkola’s discussions with Professor Dracos Vassalos about his work for IMO regarding the state of the ferries in Asia. The study had shown that there are quite a lot of ferries that need to be replaced. The main reason is the age of the ferries; some are up to 60 years old and do not comply with the present safety requirements. Deltamarin started to wonder if there was something that could be done to assist the ship owners in renewing their fleet cost-effectively and improving passenger safety.

Adaptable design

Deltamarin’s development work was based on a careful fleet review of the area and a market study of selected routes including traffic volumes, typical schedules and the existing fleet. The result of the work was a platform combining a robust structure, reliable propulsion and suitable passenger facilities. The DeltaSAFER family of designs is based on a modular layout and design approach. This means that the design is adaptable to various route requirements as the dimensions and capacities can be changed. The family members are the “base case” DeltaSAFER25 (with 2500 lane meters), DeltaSAFER21 for the China–Korea route and the DeltaSAFER15 for the Indonesia and Philippines market.

“The presentation aroused a lot of interest among the audience. As the affordability of the ferry is crucial, Deltamarin is encouraging interested parties in the region to approach us in order to evaluate the concepts,” says Päivi Haikkola.

You can also read our earlier press release about the DeltaSAFER.

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Grzegorz Mazerski
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