Deltamarin acts as an independent researcher

Deltamarin acts as an independent researcher

Over the years, Deltamarin R&D has carried out more than 700 studies exploring various markets, project feasibility, product applicability, machineries and systems. This has resulted in an extensive reference library of technologies from which ship owners, suppliers and yards can benefit. The studies also serve as an excellent basis for developing state-of-the-art vessel concepts.

The studies can be carried out at various stages of the project, from feasibility studies to verification of performance. They can be divided into two major groups: technology studies and market studies.

Technology studies

Technology studies have provided our customers with decision-making tools in the most complex situations, and have brought to light new viable solutions. Deltamarin acts as an independent researcher not affiliated to any specific supplier.

One recent example is the study made for ABB comparing a ro-pax vessel equipped with the ABB Azipod® electric propulsion system to a conventional vessel with shaftline propulsion. The study showed that savings up to $1.7 million could be gained in annual fuel costs per vessel. Lower fuel consumption also means reduced CO2 emissions – by approximately 10,000 tonnes per year.

The current rules, regulations and developments have enabled the creation of a wide range of different technologies. Deltamarin provides studies mapping the alternatives, evaluating them from a technical point of view and providing the client with an assessment of the most suitable alternatives, and anticipating future development. These studies are extremely useful when starting the development of a new ship concept or a product, such as in case of the Northern Lights carbon emission reduction study.

In a ship project, a comprehensive machinery and system study gives clear answers and guidelines for decision-making. Machinery studies are carried out to determine the most effective and relevant solutions among several options. The outcome of the study is a calculation of the total economy in relation to other options and differences in technical properties. The overall configuration of the vessel, such as implications for general arrangement, hull form, etc. are always considered, and possibilities for more advanced solutions are studied. The use of 3D design tools further enhances the applicability of the study.

Market studies

Market studies are used in strategic planning from company- to product level. In addition to generic market studies, Deltamarin provides clients with market entry- and product applicability studies.

These studies are needed when a company is aiming for a new market or launching a new product on an existing market. A market study is also highly useful in the product development process. The study typically covers market surveys as well as technical evaluation of the product. The results include an estimation of the product’s suitability for the market, indicate needs for further development and outline major strengths and weaknesses compared to competing products. An overall business concept assessment has also proven to be useful to many of our clients.

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